Decanting Centrifuge Solutions and Oilfield Pressure Control | Glenrock, Wyoming

Dencanting Centrifuge Consulting Company

Experts specializing in the Decanter Centrifuge and Solids Control applications

Cathcart Services provides consulting, repair, and technical services for the following oilfield and centrifuge applications:

Decanting Centrifuge repair

Decanting Centrifuges

We are centrifuge experts providing consulting, repair, rebuilding, and tech service help for centrifuges and cuttings driers.

Decanting Centrifuge Consultant Oilfield pressure control

Control Panels

Designing and installing centrifuge control panels. We also provide technical support and troubleshooting.

Oilfield pressure control repair service

Oilfield Pressure Control

We have decades of serving the oilfield industry providing repair and rebuilds for pressure control choke valves.

Dencanting Centrifuge Consulting Company

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